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We are now in the junction of a new era, where most of traditional business models will vanish, while wired consumer and wired organization will function harmonically, said Cyberfuturist, Chuck Martin, in his bestseller book “Net Future: The Seven Cybertrends That Will Drive Your Business, Create Wealth, and Define Your Future”.

This is undeniable, especially with the development of Internet that, for most people, it has become the real implementation of the convergence of Information Technology, Computer, and Telecommunication Technology. Today, Internet has a new momentum that it is widely used in business and company environment.

As said by Chuck Martin, there are many new business models that mostly supported and developed by the implementation of IT and Internet.

With eBusiness the challenge is that at the heart of this is the move away from analogue towards low-cost digital technology and the linking of individual pieces of technology via networks such as the Internet. Both developments enable functionality, ways of operating, and opportunities that are either new or which hitherto have been uneconomic or too difficult to achieve.

On the other hand, eBusiness potentially impacts products, business processes, strategies, and relationships with customers, suppliers, distributors and competitors. It also has the potential to blur the boundaries between industries and create new industries and sectors.

Therefore our focus will be on eBusiness, and not just a narrow concept of Internet-based buying and selling. Our concern is to examine the topic from the perspective of changes to products as well as methods of working that are enabled by computer and communications technologies.

It is, therefore, very important to understand how the convergence between the current systems implemented by companies with IT and Internet in order to be able to produce new products and services, that will make the companies more competitive in the information and globalization era.

These are just a few of the issues raised by eBusiness. Moreover we believe that it is fundamental that consideration and analysis of the strategic, organizational, human resource and supply/distribution issues raised by eBusiness should be undertaken.

In the future, all businesses will be affected in someway by eBusiness. Therefore there are many things to be considered in order to make the implementation of eBusiness (including eCommerce) a success: appropriate technology, better administration system and database, efficient and safe systems for transaction and the support of skillful human resources.

The other most important thing is the support from the government policies and legal aspect in order to protect the safety, rights and responsibility of all parties that are doing transactions. In supporting the development of eBusiness in Indonesia, Global Technology takes the initiative to publish an Information Technology, Communications and eBusiness focus magazine called eBizzAsia.